January 24, 2014

The Best Free Fonts

The best free fonts | a tactile life

Finding a good free font is like finding a pair of perfect shoes, in your size and favourite colour on sale. It’s pretty rare, but when it happens it’s magic. Here are my top picks for free fonts that I actually use.

1. The Skinny. This font doesn’t include ANY glyphs (but hey, it’s free) so I’ve made my own.
2. Wisdom Script. You can see how this font has been applied to the Melbourne People’s Market branding.
3. Museo Sans. You can also get Museo with serifs for free which are pretty cute.
4. Homestead. An awesome font from Lost Type Co. Maybe think about donating a few $$ to help out some starving designer?
5. Cubano. I’ve used this font on a few children’s concert artwork and it always looks really fun.
6. Lavenderia. Good script fonts are hard to come by. Amiright?
7. Code. The kerning on this font needs a bit of work, but it’s definitely worth the extra time.
8. Intro. Bold and clean. Yes thanks.

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