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April 17, 2015

Illustrator / Hye Jin Chung

Hye Jin Chung Illustrator

Hye Jin Chung is a New York based, Koren illustrator with work featuring in The Oprah Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Chronicle Books, NYtime and so much more. I recently stumbled upon Hye Jin’s illustrations over at the Vegetarian Times Facebook page. They posted an article answering if the sugar in fruit made you gain weight (well, no) and used the image above to accompany the article – perfect, don’t you think?

I visited Hye Jin’s website and was taken back by her beautiful mixed media creations. You can follow Hye Jin on Instagram here and buy some goodness over at Society6.

My Job Tea Ceremony Teacher by Hye Jin Chung

L: Reading R: Collecting by Hye Jin Chung

How To Be A Leader by Hye Jin Chung

L: Garden R: Year of the Horse by Hye Jin Chung

Anne Sullivan by Hye Jin Chung

Teaching Green by Hye Jin Chung

Spring by Hye Jin Chung

Embalmed Dictators by Hye Jin Chung

Haircut by Hye Jin Chung

L: Moving Day R: Collecting by Hye Jin Chung

January 17, 2014

Watercolour Inspiration

I’ve been having a bit of fun painting watercolours over the last few weeks. There is a lot of inspiration and techniques to be found online and I’ve found a few really inspiring pieces. Even though I’m no where as talented as these artists, it’s been really relaxing and satisfying to work with watercolours and would love to spend more time working with the medium and perfecting my skills.

Here are some of the pieces that I’ve been inspired by.

Oana Befort, watercolour

I love the vibrant yet natural look of these pieces by Oana Befort.

Oana Befort, watercolour

Oana Befort, watercolour

Cher watercolour by OhGoshCindy

This one makes me laugh. Cher by OhGoshCindy

Mini Iceberg 67 by Rebecca Chaperon

Mini Iceberg 67 by Rebecca Chaperon

Carmel Seymour

Watercolour and mixed media, Carmel Seymour

Serena Olivieri

Lovely colour and pattern, by Serena Olivieri

Julianna Swaney

Simple beautiful. Large Cat Friend by Julianna Swaney.

Here is a little something of what I’ve been painting. I found a vintage book of birds and have scavenged for some Australian natives which I’ve been using for inspiration.Bird watercolour | a tactile life blog

Owl watercolour | a tactile life blog