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April 22, 2017

Bruges, Belgium

I fell head-over-heels in love with Bruges… I couldn’t get past the architecture, street food and canals filled with white swans. I can still taste the waffles and mayonnaise-covered frites! After a short train ride from Amsterdam, we arrived in Bruges where we checked in to our very sweet BnB Le Flaneur, which was filled with antique store finds, friendly owners (who made sure I had enough cheese on my plate at breakfast) and a very cute puppy. It was a little out of town, which made for a nice walk each day to-and-from where we were able to see some non-touristy streets.
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March 25, 2017


Amsterdam Travel

Amsterdam is such a delightful city, full of incredible architecture, history, amazing art, design, and of course, delicious street food! I can still taste the warm stroopwafle and poffertjes. It didn’t stop raining during our stay – our plans for a bike ride around the city were thwarted – but armed with our umbrellas, we managed to walk absolutely everywhere.

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May 29, 2016

New York, New York pt2

New York, Part 2

Be warned guys, this post is mostly about what I ate in NYC.

What’s a trip to New York without some shopping? Even though I was on a pretty tight budget (hello three month holiday), Mon and I spent the morning shopping on Fifth Avenue, although, to be honest, we didn’t get much further than Fishs Eddy (which is a shop full of homewares I couldn’t get home safely in my suitcase), Sephora and Madewell. I don’t usually spend much time buying makeup, but it was nice going through all the fancy products we can’t find in Australia and then test them all. We ate burgers at Shake Shack (again) in Madison Square Park before meeting up with Mark and Ryan, who had been devouring amazing brisket and playing arcade games. We then went to Cafe El Presidente where we hid from the heat for a while.

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