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April 23, 2016

This is Music | 2016 Season Brochure Design


I recently designed and worked alongside photographer Matthew Galligan to create the 2016 UWA School of Music season brochure. We asked the musicians to bring pieces to the photoshoot that reflected themselves and their musical journey, which Matthew then photographed. It was so interesting to see what everyone brought along and the individuality of each student really came through in their portraits. I just LOVED working on this project as I was able to style the photographs and create the fresh look and feel.

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December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Swim by Slim Aarons, 1950s

Christmas Swim by Slim Aarons, 1950s. Taken in California (the Hollywood sign is in the background!) of his wife, Rita.

I’m hoping to spend my break relaxing at the beach (every single day), reading Grace Coddington’s autobiography, watch a few too many episodes of Veep and maybe fit in a sneaky trip down south. To be really honest… I might even look for a few nice new shoes in the sales!

Have a wonderful Christmas.


September 30, 2013

Photographer / John Crawford


Someone else that inspired me at agIdeas this year (along with typographer Gemma O’Brien) was New Zealand photographer John Crawford. I love his use of perspective and symmetry in his aerial nudes photography which were taken a while back, in the 1980s. Adding a subject into each photograph (his then wife) really shows the scale and size of the surroundings. I also love that he isn’t scared to use his iPhone to take some wonderful shots… carrying around a large camera isn’t always practical, right?

You can find more of his work over at his website.