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January 9, 2019

Wardrobe love



At almost 32 weeks pregnant I decided that painting an art deco wardrobe would be the perfect DIY activity to do. I had fallen in love with painted wardrobes on Pinterest and wanted one of my own so I scoured Gumtree until I found the absolute perfect neglected piece.


painted wardrobes

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It had my name all over it; lead light windows, an oval mirror, on legs (I’ve decided all my furniture needs legs), the right width and in the same suburb as our new house. After a not-so-smooth experience using Airtasker to get it into our house (where the delivery guys dropped the wardrobe on its front and the door ripped from the hinges, ugh!) I started repairing, sanding and prepping for paint.

I searched for the perfect paint colour. I didn’t find it! I was too impatient to do use sample pots so just jumped straight in a bought a few litres at once… whoops, my bad. After two coats of prep and one of the light pink, I decided it was far too light. I took my tin of paint back to Bunnings and had them add a bit of extra red to the paint tin to give it more contrast. Problem solved! I initially thought I’d use chalk paint, but realised I’d need so many litres to cover this wardrobe and it would cost an arm and a leg. Dulux paint worked a treat!


wardrobe DIY


Five coats of paint (plus new varnish on the inside) and the wardrobe was done. I had new rabbit handles I purchased at NYC Anthropologie in 2012 (as you do) which I was going to use, but Ryan sprayed the original ones black and they looked too good not to use. I’ll need another project for the rabbits… maybe in another six years? Also, I still haven’t managed to get all of the old-wardrobe smell out of it – does anyone have any tips to make it smell fresh as a daisy?

It’s added so much storage to Romy’s room and I stare at in in awe every time I’m in there. No really, I am that lame. I hope she grows to love it as much as I do.


JessicaWyld RomyRoom

Jessica Wyld 2

Family pics of Ryan and I by the massively talented Jessica Wyld.

September 11, 2016

A few extra hours…

Fremantle Rainbow

If I’ve spoken to you in the last month you’ll know that I’ve hired a cleaner, which has actually been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Every second Friday while I’m at work, Christina comes to the house and makes it sparkle… there is nothing like coming home to a spotless house and realising Saturday morning that I don’t have to scrub the stove is incredible.

Now that we have an extra few hours on the weekend, we are taking the opportunity to explore Perth and all the new and exciting things it has to offer.

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September 3, 2016

Golden Fields of York


August and September are beautiful months to visit York. Everywhere you turn, the yellow canola fields carpet the rolling hills and line the roads. Ryan and I took a trip up last weekend to help in my dad’s overgrown garden (we found a natural spring under his house!) so we took the opportunity to enjoy the golden fields and walk through the town admiring the vacant shops, which should most definitely be converted into coffee shops and art galleries.

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