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June 18, 2014

Succulent Frame

Succulent frame via a tactile life blog

I was so lucky to receive this succulent frame for my birthday last December, handmade by Ryan… I think he got my Pinterest hints. The plants didn’t fair so well over the heat of Summer, so during our Easter gardening week I completely replanted (with super cheap succulents from the local markets), drilled a stack of holes into the top of the frame to let water filter through and added some new succulent soil to the mix. You can see a scary before shot here. A bit of Winter rain helped the succulents establish their roots and become nice and strong. I think that having plants on the exterior walls (like climbers, creepers and frames like this) really joins the house to the garden, making it all look a bit more lush and cohesive.

Here are a few DIY projects if you want to give it a go yourself, and you should because they’re gorgeous.

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Succulent frame via a tactile life blog

Succulent frame via a tactile life blog