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March 15, 2016

Illustrator / Francesco Zorzi

I spotted one of Italian-based Francesco Zorzi’s illustrations on the cover of the menu at Il Santo Bevitore in Florence, Italy. Instead of taking the menu as a memento (which I obviously realise I shouldn’t do!), I wrote down Francesco’s name and made sure to look further into his work. I love the use of his retro colour schemes, simple shapes and stippling, which create a friendly and energetic graphic. You can see more of Francesco’s work here.


The Boston Globe _ Our First Home



WineandFood copy

Best Places to Work Francesco Zorzi 2

Love the little Pinocchio in this illustration. How Italian!Best Places to Work Francesco Zorzi

FikaFika  AltreDirenzioni

San Spirito Francesco Zorzi Florence

The illustration above was created for a light festival in Florence. It was projected onto the San Spirito church which is right in the middle of a bustling piazza, where people sip aperol spritz and eat fresh pasta.

SpolloKitchen copy LobbyBoy copy

Francesco Zorzi, Scooter


May 22, 2015

Illustrator & Graphic Designer / Lora Lamm

Right: "Tires for Bicycles”, 1960 advertisement for Pirelli.

Left: Lora Lamm Right: “Tires for Bicycles”, 1960 advertisement for Pirelli.

One of my favourite things to do is plan my own holiday because I get to spend time looking at pictures of glorious places to eat dinner, stunning hotels to stay in and scenic views I’ll get to experience. My brother-in-law suggested that on our day trip to Milan we make a stop at “the most elegant” department store, La Rinascente and look at the luxuries on offer (the basement is meant to be particularly wonderful). To my delight, searching for La Rinascente in Pinterest uncovered all of these wonderful vintage illustrations!

These illustrations were created by illustrator and graphic designer Lora Lamm. Lora was born in Arosa, Switzerland in 1928 and in the 50s and 60s became a major contributor to the progressive and distinguished design style in Milan. Her colourful, playful and experimental artworks gave her clients such as Pirelli and La Rinascente a very noticeable and exciting appearance which was well received. This article says, “Her role as a pioneering woman designer is an inspiration, and her body of graphic design work is the legacy of a creative spirit.” I love that Lora’s work has a distinctly feminine voice and style.

Hopefully I can find some of Lora Lamm’s work floating around La Rinascente when I visit towards the end of the year.

Vacanze Lora Lamm

“Summer and Sea”, 1959

“Summer and Sea”, 1959.

Rinascente Lora Lamm

“Hot Water Bags”, 1960 advertisements for Pirelli.

Right: “Hot Water Bags”, 1960 advertisements for Pirelli.

Rinascente Lora Lamm

Olivetti Summa Lora Lamm

Maternita Lora Lamm

Estate E Moda Lora Lamm

Rinascente Lora Lamm



April 17, 2015

Illustrator / Hye Jin Chung

Hye Jin Chung Illustrator

Hye Jin Chung is a New York based, Koren illustrator with work featuring in The Oprah Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Chronicle Books, NYtime and so much more. I recently stumbled upon Hye Jin’s illustrations over at the Vegetarian Times Facebook page. They posted an article answering if the sugar in fruit made you gain weight (well, no) and used the image above to accompany the article – perfect, don’t you think?

I visited Hye Jin’s website and was taken back by her beautiful mixed media creations. You can follow Hye Jin on Instagram here and buy some goodness over at Society6.

My Job Tea Ceremony Teacher by Hye Jin Chung

L: Reading R: Collecting by Hye Jin Chung

How To Be A Leader by Hye Jin Chung

L: Garden R: Year of the Horse by Hye Jin Chung

Anne Sullivan by Hye Jin Chung

Teaching Green by Hye Jin Chung

Spring by Hye Jin Chung

Embalmed Dictators by Hye Jin Chung

Haircut by Hye Jin Chung

L: Moving Day R: Collecting by Hye Jin Chung