October 7, 2013

Sea Circus in Seminyak, Bali


One of my favourite places in Seminyak that Ryan and I went to again and again, was Sea Circus; a restaurant, cocktail bar and coffee den. It’s located just around the corner from Motel Mexicola and Mr Zimi which was pretty convenient for us.


They have a really great selection of fresh and healthy salads, most of which are vegetarian (which can sometimes be pretty hard to find in Bali!). The picture on the right is of the eggplant wrapped polenta with mozarella and tomato. It was frickin’ delicious. Ryan kept ordering the cold press coffee and the fish and chips. I don’t blame him either. You can see more of their menu here.



The colourful shutters really took my breath away. When we left the light shone through them onto the ground and made the most beautiful pattern.




Sea Circus is a really nice place to unwind after a busy morning of sitting by the pool or shopping. It’s tough being on holidays, yes?


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