November 18, 2013

Picture wall

Gallery wall

I can’t help it… I like a good picture wall. I love having so many memories and beautiful pieces of art in one spot and it lets me collect (coughhoardcough) work from artists I admire. I also think it’s a good way of filling up a wall proportionally if you don’t have a large piece of art to put there instead.

This time, I tried the method of cutting out paper the size of the frames and taping them to the wall to see how it’ll look. My cutting left a lot to be desired, so I had to use my imagination. Ryan drilled in the biggest piece first (which I had a little off-centre to give it some balance) and we worked from there. I was trying to keep the space between each frame the same, but that can get pretty tricky!

DIY Picture Wall

Jack was pretty excited about the whole thing but Milly couldn’t care less. Jack&Milly Here’s Ryan working his magic. Oh and yes, I’m pretty mortified seeing Ryan standing on our newly recovered, vintage chairs. I think it’s time we invested in a small ladder.

DIY Gallery Wall

One of my favourite frames is the one below. I used Prinstagram to have my Instagram pictures from our honeymoon printed then arranged them into a simple square frame from Country Road.

Prinstagram frame

I purchased this Jessica Hische letterpressed print at the start of the year for a Valentines gift to Ryan. It’s so nice to see it finally hanging on the walls. I’m not the only one who buys a print and keeps it in the packaging it arrived in for months and months, right? You can see more of her beautiful pieces for sale here.

Jessica Hische

Kim Scafuro

How great are old-school photobooths? These are all taken at the photobooth on Chapel St in Melbourne. The middle one is from a million years ago when we first started dating and the one on the right was when we got engaged.

Melbourne photobooth

Looking at the frames from the outside looking in makes them all look like they’re all on a slight angle. Hmm… I think our little old house might be a bit wonky afterall.

Picture wall

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  • Reply Monique November 18, 2013 at 1:04 PM

    Oh I love! Love the instagram one. What size frame did you buy to fit those in?

    • Jessica Holmes
      Reply Jessica Holmes November 21, 2013 at 10:02 PM

      Thanks Mon! The inside of the frame is about 29cm. I went online to find the link to it, but it’s not there. I’m fairly sure it’s one of their basics, though. Also – the Printstagrams don’t fit perfectly, but it doesn’t bother me 🙂

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