September 7, 2016

Iceland Part 1


Ryan and I landed in Reykjavik after a fairly short red-eye flight from New York but because of the time difference of four hours, we managed to arrive really jet lagged and in desperate need of sleep (it was 6am in Reykjavik!). Still being way too early to check in, we dropped our bags at Snorris Guesthouse and went for an early morning walk around the small city – there was something special about wandering around a beautiful little town that was still asleep. I loved seeing the colourful houses with lace curtains… I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them!

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September 3, 2016

Golden Fields of York


August and September are beautiful months to visit York. Everywhere you turn, the yellow canola fields carpet the rolling hills and line the roads. Ryan and I took a trip up last weekend to help in my dad’s overgrown garden (we found a natural spring under his house!) so we took the opportunity to enjoy the golden fields and walk through the town admiring the vacant shops, which should most definitely be converted into coffee shops and art galleries.

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August 16, 2016

New York, New York, pt3


It’s almost been a year since I’ve left for New York and my Facebook ‘on this day’ feed is now full of photos of rooftop drinks, hiking adventures and sightseeing. Take me back! I thought I better pick up my game and continue the travel posts before I forget all the details.

Ryan and I said our farewells to our month-long travel buddies Mark and Monique along with our Williamsburg AirBnb. Ryan and I caught a cab to our new accommodation, The Ludlow Hotel in the Lower East Side, which I was somehow lucky enough to get a good deal online in Perth.

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