May 14, 2014

My favourite greeting cards

The best greeting cards

I tend to buy a lot of cards at the start of the year so that I am always prepared when someone’s birthday crops up (I’m especially relieved when I forget an occasion). If you don’t want the added cost of postage then you can find a huge range of gorgeous cards at local art markets or galleries.

Here’s a selection of some of my favourites:
1. A bit late for this year, but maybe a head start for next. Pick up this beauty at Emily McDowell’s Etsy shop.
2. Hooray! designed by Me and Grandy.
3. Some lovely letterpress cards from Karolin Schnoor.
4. Hello! from Banquet Workshop. I would say this is a good example of “power clashing“.
5. XO from Sugar Paper, Los Angeles.
6. Sanna Annuka foiled bird from 1973.
7. Mandolin card designed by Naomi Murrell. This one is on super sale, too!
8. Little Wonders card set from Darling Clementine.

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