July 27, 2014

Martinique Chic

I was watching a repeat of Friends the other night (The One in Barbados) when I noticed the banana leaf wallpaper which has lately been showing up, well, everywhere. I did a bit of research (aka Googling) and found that it was the Martinique wallpaper, which was designed specifically for the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles back in 1942 by fashion designer Don Loper. Nice, yes?

Fashion Designer, Don Loper

Fashion Designer, Don Loper designed the original banana leaf Martinique wallpaper.

Friends & Golden Girls

Martinique wallpaper in Perth

Martinique wallpaper at Life Ready Physio and The Market Juicery (image via Six Thousand) in Perth, Western Australia.

Kate Upton and Aziz Ansari by Terry Richardson for Harpers Bazaar

Kate Upton and Aziz Ansari by Terry Richardson for Harpers Bazaar.

Masini & Chern Sleepwear design

Masini & Chern Sleepwear. Design by Emily Gillis.

This tray, pillow and bikini are modern-day interpretations of the banana leaf pattern. Banana Leaf everything After searching around I noticed that not only were there lots of modern-day Martinique-esque designs, there was another design which was really similar, but a bit more vibrant and with little grape like details around the leaves. This Brazilliance pattern was designed by Dorothy Draper also in the 1940s and was used prolifically in the Greenbrier Hotel.

Dorothy Draper's CR Laine chair

Dorothy Draper’s CR Laine chair

I think that both Dorothy Draper’s and Don Loper’s bold wallpaper shows that good design is timeless and always worth investing in. It looks just as modern on the wall teamed with subway tiles at Market Juicery in Leederville, used as a graphic element on stationery items and as classy on bathers as it did back in the 1940s lining the walls at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Updated: Country Road have just released a few Martinique-inspired pieces. It really is taking over!

Martinique-esque Country Road

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