January 3, 2014

Las Vegas

Ah Las Vegas, what a wonderfully weird place you are. We were pretty tired by this stage of the trip, so we tried to get a lot of rest in while we had the comfiest room ever (at MGM Grand). We could even hear the screams from the people on the roller coaster from the New York, New York hotel while we enjoyed our room service.

View from MGM Grand in Las Vegas

Looking past the drinking, gambling and eating which Las Vegas is renowned for, we ventured to a few places that were pretty impressive to us. The Center for Brain Health designed by Frank Gehry was a building I had to see for myself. The sun managed to capture the curves of this building and made it look even more amazing.  We were even more lucky to find that the outlet shops (KATE SPADE) were right across the road!

Center for Brain Health, Las VegasCenter for Brain Health, Las Vegas

The Neon Museum (also known as the Neon Boneyard) was SUCH a highlight of our trip. We paid to go on the guided tour (which is a donation) and learned about the preservation of the vintage neon signs. California doesn’t have a proper heritage committee so gorgeous signs like these (and even mid-century homes) are disposed of all the time so it’s great that a place like this exists.

Neon Museum, Las Vegas

Neon Museum, Las VegasNeon Museum, Las Vegas

Going on a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon was suggested to us from some friends so we took their word and booked a tour (definitely on the safest helicopter on the planet). Here we are before take off, hoping for the best. It was really amazing to see it from above and a good way to get the experience it in a short amount of time.

Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon

The Hoover Dam, Las Vegas

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