March 31, 2014

Front Garden Makeover

Front garden makeover

I like the contrast between the greens, greys and long strappy plants. Left: Zanthorrea Nursery. Right: Wild About Gardens.

Front Garden Makeover

Wispy Australian Natives and a perfect clumping of natives. Left: Source unknown Right: William Dangar and Associates.

Front Garden Makeover

Beautiful contrast in these plants. Above: Photo by Dario Fusaro

Easter and Anzac Day are coming up, which means I have two four-day long weekends to get some gardening done. I’m hoping that in about a years time they will look something like any of these photos above.

Our front garden is a mess. See evidence of the neglected front yard below. The front lawn is enormous, useless and dry (because I don’t want to waste water on it), the plants have become crispy from 90 rainless and scorching hot days and everything is covered in a thick layer of dirt. We’re going to plant a bunch of Australian natives on the verge in the hopes that it grows into a low-maintenance, waterwise garden. We are also looking into getting a few gabions added for a bit of privacy. I am planning on putting at least two veggie beds where the grass currently is (we will remove it first) to grow long-term vegetables like leek and onion.

Front Garden Makeover

I have to pull out all the magnolia’s in the front patch (above) and replant hardier natives (I’m thinking of ‘Plum Gorgeous‘) because they haven’t grown more than 10cm more then when I planted them three years ago and year-after-year they are fried to a crisp.

Front Garden Makeover

There is so much to do… it’s pretty bad. I have to replace all the succulents in my frame which suffered through Summer (sorry plants for not watering you enough) and I have to do something with the random succulents I have been collecting and just leaving around the house.

Front Garden Makeover

The cane chairs on the porch need to be repainted and cushions need to be found to make them comfortable. My hanging planters are a bit sad seeing as they have been empty for about six months, and my succulent pot in the corner has just shrivelled up.

Front Garden Makeover

Ryan and I spent a bit of the Christmas holidays pulling up grass in our front lawn from the letterbox to the road (we did have a quote to have it all removed, but we thought we should save that money and spend it on pretty things like plants and gabions). Here’s Ryan being really happy about being up at 6am to dig holes.

I’m also hoping to spend time with family and friends and eat chocolate over the break, so I’ll have to see how our plans actually end up going. It’s always good just to be hopeful about what you’ll achieve, right?




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  • Reply Aileen April 8, 2014 at 11:07 AM

    Ooh you are inspiring me all over again Jess. We have a partially planted native front garden (very neglected over the last year for some reason! L )
    Look forward to seeing what you do. Have you thought of doing a feature with the succulents? Someone around the corner from us has a big shallow dish on a pedestal filled with different succulents which looks really stunning. Hoping to something similar in back yard at some point.

  • Jessica Holmes
    Reply Jessica Holmes April 8, 2014 at 8:41 PM

    I LOVE the look of succulents in the garden! I have a succulent frame that Ryan made for me (he’s so clever) which has also shriveled up over Summer that we hang next to the front door. I’m going to replant and hang that back up next to the door. I’ll post some shots 🙂

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