August 13, 2014

Front Garden / Complete!

Front garden

The front garden is 90% done. That is, it’s basically 100% done if I don’t think about it too much. Over the Christmas and Easter break we spent countless hours in the garden pulling up grass, rejuvenating soil, planting hardy plants, building veggie beds and pulling out more grass (there was a lot to pull out). I have been planning on doing this for quite some time (see here and here for more ramblings about our garden) and I’m SO glad I can now put my feet up and enjoy.

Here is a before photo to remind you of the front lawn hell situation:

Before front garden

We now have a front yard that is colourful, textural, cool, useful, and beautiful to look at. It’s water-wise and saves on our grocery bills year-round!

Front Garden

Front Garden Leuchadendron

This Leucadendron is one of my favourite plants in the garden. It’s hardy (which will be perfect for our 40 degree days) and produces these little colourful flowers during Winter and Spring. After a few years they should grow to about 1m and give us a bit of privacy from the road.

Front Garden Kale

Borlotti Bean

Leek and tomato

A well performing leek and a tomato plant that has grown from a seed from the compost heap. It should be too early for them to grow and flower so I’ll see if they produce anything. Sometimes the plants with the most neglect seem to thrive the most.

Kangaroo Paw

I no longer get home from work and run past the dead and dry grass – now I linger. I see how the potatoes are growing, I check out a new kangaroo paw about to blossom and I notice the random tomato plant growing against the fence.

Lemon and Lime

I planted a Lemonade lemon tree which is sweeter type of lemon that can be eaten straight off the tree. I’ve tried to grow a lemon tree before but failed miserably, so I’m hoping that because this one is in the ground it’ll grow happily. It already has lots of new shoot and some flowers! I also planted a Sublime lime tree, which are meant to be good for pots. I am not entirely convinced, but I’m willing to see how it goes. I’d love to be able to go into my yard and pick a fresh lime for my gin and tonics!

Front Garden

Potatoes are looking amazing. I can only imagine how many are growing underneath the surface.

Front Garden

Yellow and grey ground cover and a row of the lime green bush, Acacia Honey Bun which will grow to about 1.5mx1.5m.


The everlasting seeds I planted in April are about to flower. They will be a needed pop of pink in my now very green garden.


Front Garden

Milly REALLY enjoys the random bits of catnip growing between the pavers.

Veggie Bed

Ryan built me all three veggie beds AND set the retic up so they don’t completely dry out over Summer. What a guy. It is so nice to have garden beds that fit perfectly into the garden. Now, instead of having grass I can’t even walk on, I have a vegetable garden where I can grow just about anything! I think I’ve already harvested the kale about 15 times.

Veggie Bed

Veggie Bed

The garden is definitely a work in progress. Even though I have tried to pick plants that are suitable for the space, as they grow (or don’t grow) I’ll be able to truly see how they work together. The jacaranda tree we planted might get too big and messy, the shrubs might get so dry and unhappy they’ll have to be pulled out and some might not get enough sun. But that’s all part of the fun, yes?

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