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March 15, 2016

Illustrator / Francesco Zorzi

I spotted one of Italian-based Francesco Zorzi’s illustrations on the cover of the menu at Il Santo Bevitore in Florence, Italy. Instead of taking the menu as a memento (which I obviously realise I shouldn’t do!), I wrote down Francesco’s name and made sure to look further into his work. I love the use of his retro colour schemes, simple shapes and stippling, which create a friendly and energetic graphic. You can see more of Francesco’s work here.


The Boston Globe _ Our First Home



WineandFood copy

Best Places to Work Francesco Zorzi 2

Love the little Pinocchio in this illustration. How Italian!Best Places to Work Francesco Zorzi

FikaFika  AltreDirenzioni

San Spirito Francesco Zorzi Florence

The illustration above was created for a light festival in Florence. It was projected onto the San Spirito church which is right in the middle of a bustling piazza, where people sip aperol spritz and eat fresh pasta.

SpolloKitchen copy LobbyBoy copy

Francesco Zorzi, Scooter


February 19, 2016

Instagram | January

Peasholm Dog Beach

I’m writing this mid-February, which basically means that I’ve been having too much fun this Summer. To conquer the never-ending heatwave, Ryan, Polly and I have been spending as much time down at the beach as possible, watching sunsets and catching up with friends.


Holly Raye's Cafe

The sky couldn’t have been more beautiful this night.

Holly Raye's Cafe

Revival Hall, East Perth

Ryan enjoying puppy cuddles at Arrival Hall in East Perth. We purchased the Muuto Dots to go on our bedroom wall (when we finally paint it).

Cottesloe Beach Sunset

Tropico North Beach

We enjoyed breakfast at Tropico in North Beach. The potato cake is ace.

David Bowie is Forever

A little latergram from the David Bowie Is exhibition in Melbourne. David Bowie really is forever.

Moana Chambers, Perth

Moana Coffee became my new favourite spot in the city for an iced latte.


Holly Raye's Cafe

Shadow Wine Bar and Fringe World

We had drinks at Shadow Wine Bar and enjoyed a few shows at the Fringe Festival, including the exciting La Soiree (go and see it!).

Anya Brock, Christmas Tree

You can see more of me on Instagram here.

January 18, 2016

Enamel Pins

Enamel Pins

I’m loving the recent influx of enamel pins that have popped up online. Not that I really need any more pins or brooches to add to my ever-growing collection, but these ones really took my fancy. I purchased the little cactus one (#9) on a rainy day in Amsterdam and can’t stop wearing it.

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