April 25, 2015

5000 Poppies Project

Poppy Sculpture at Federation Square

Poppy Sculpture at Federation Square

Poppy Sculpture at Federation Square, Melbourne

I wish I could be in Melbourne to witness the 5000 Poppies Project in Federation Square which marks the ANZAC Centenary and 100 years since the ANZAC Gallipoli landing. The project initially started with the idea of ‘planting’ 5000 handmade poppies (which have been knit, crochet, made in felt or fabric) at Federation Square, as a tribute to the ANZACs, but has grown to include 250,000+ poppies with over 30,000 people contributing. It truly is a stunning installation and such a lovely display of a kindness and community spirit.

You can read more about the 5000 Poppies Project here.


As per usual, I’ll be making slightly undercooked ANZAC biscuits. You can make your own batch with my recipe.

ANZAC biscuit recipe

Poppies at Federation Square images courtesy of the Federation Square.
Lovely Poppy illustration by Ashleigh Perrella Illustration.

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